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Mixing business and family travel

Here at Wink Reports, we sometimes travel interstate to meet with clients or attend conferences. As many of our team members grew up with parents that were away from home on business, we are familiar with the feeling of missing our loved ones due to work...

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What is Business Intelligence? Why do you need it?

As a business owner or manager, you have most likely heard of Business Intelligence. This term refers to the tools and techniques used to collect raw data related to a business, and turn it into useful, meaningful information utilised for business analysis and...

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How do we create Wink Reports?

We’ve had some enquiries recently from cloud integrators and businesses wanting to know more about what Wink Reports can do for them and their clients. Specifically, we are being asked about how Wink Reports works with existing business software to create custom...

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Custom reports – What are they, and why use them?

Every business has a need for custom reports. A custom report is a report that you create from merging business information from multiple sources. For example, you may use a report which covers sales performance relative to team members over a specific time period....

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We’re proud to support the HMRI

One of the most satisfying things about being involved in a growing startup company is being able to share some of our prosperity and good fortune with public organisations and charitable causes that benefit our greater community. At Wink Reports, we believe that...

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Time Management – Developing your skills

There’s more to great time management than simply deciding that you’re not going to procrastinate! In order to develop an ability for effective time management, consider the following aspects: Setting goals: Set simple, clearly defined goals that are specific and...

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