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How to best work from home

When I first started Wink Reports back in 2013 I had grand ideas, a decent plan, some cash in the bank to fall back on and a VERY supportive family. The chance to do things my way whilst working from home was irresistible. The business did ok from the outset and...

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Software Empowering Lifestyle

Here at Wink Reports, our company mantra is “Software Empowering Lifestyle”. This is not merely a slick sounding corporate buzz-phrase - these three words embody our attitude towards our products and the way we approach our work. We believe in creating software...

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Cloud vs On-premise

On a recent business trip to the Gold Coast, I was reminded of just how much time using cloud based software really does save me. Ok, ok, I did do some outlet shopping while I was there ;) In addition to our Xero add-on Wink Reports we also do some off the cuff...

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Is social loafing reducing your workplace performance?

I bet you've been in this situation: you’re a part of a team working on a project and there is that one person who just isn’t pulling their weight. Maybe you’ve encountered it during school or university; you have a group assignment and there’s that one student who...

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Like Xero but can’t get the reports you need?

Everybody likes Xero. And with good reason; it’s an easy to use accounting tools package, which can record general ledgers, depreciation, payroll processing and accounts receivable reports, amongst other things. But if you really want to get Xero to function...

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