In order to succeed, every business needs information. In particular, internal business information can provide you with the insight necessary to assess the current performance of your business and to plan future progress. No matter what the nature of your business is, you will have internal information resources about your employees, your sales, and your customers. By effectively utilising this internal business data, you can stay informed about where your business is at right now, and act quickly and appropriately upon that information.

But there is so much data you could gather that setting up systems and processes to present and analyse the right information quickly and easily is often beyond the capability of many business owners. Internal business information is almost always spread across multiple software platforms and systems. For example; you may keep a customer database using ServiceM8 but track your accounting data in Xero.

Additionally, information that you should be keeping track of on a day to day basis might only be available at the end of the month in a report. If something suddenly starts to influence your sales, you may not notice for a week or more due to the inability to stay synchronised with your business data.

Fortunately, there is a way to track of all your most critical business information, even when it is coming from multiple sources. And that information is available for you both when and where you need it. It will keep you clued into issues such as what products are the most popular with your customers, and what factors could be influencing your customer and employee satisfaction. Enter Wink Reports ;)

Wink Reports seamlessly integrates your business data from multiple platforms and provides you with a custom report tailored for your business needs, which will enable you to easily track, trend, analyse and act upon your internal business information in real time. Through Wink Reports you will be able to monitor the ongoing progress of your business whenever it suits you, not just when it suits your accountant.

Wink reports are effortless, accessible and will change the way you think about business data.