Every business has a need for custom reports. A custom report is a report that you create from merging business information from multiple sources. For example, you may use a report which covers sales performance relative to team members over a specific time period. You could do this using Excel, but manually collating your data and importing it into a spreadsheet is time consuming, tedious, and quite often the end result is a complicated-looking jumble of figures.

Operating a business and staying across all your business data is hard work. Your time is precious, why waste it fiddling around with ugly spreadsheets? There is an affordable, efficient way to merge your data sources and use them to create elegant, customised reports that provide you with the information you want, when you want it: Wink Reports.

xero screenshot

Wink Reports are tailored to interact with the software you are already using, providing you with custom reports that reflect your exact business information needs. Your data is prepared in real time, and delivered in the format of your choice. The graph options are beautiful, you can export your reports to Excel for further manipulation, save as PDF, email reports on your nominated schedule and even brand them with your own logo and names. You can access your reports whenever and wherever you choose, because Wink Report’s integration with the cloud keeps your data access instant and mobile. 

Tell us about the custom report you need for your business, and we’ll work with you to make it a reality with Wink Reports ;)