Xero makes it easy to collect your business’s raw financial data and save time by automating tasks that have previously been tedious and manual (like bank reconciliations). When add-ons are used, the financial transactions and some master data (eg. Customers, Suppliers, Employees) flows seamlessly back and forth between the two however the data that is add-on specific cannot be reported on in within Xero.

Ideally, managers would have access to this information in order to track important business metrics such as employee productivity, job metrics and sales effectiveness; but manually drilling into Xero and then an add-on to collect this information and copy it into a spreadsheet is time consuming and may also compromise the data’s integrity.

This is where Wink Reports saves you time and money, as it does all of the hard work for you.

Drill down into Xero with customised, real-time reports

Wink Reports sources data from Xero and your other add-ons and cloud services to provide you with real-time, accurate, customised reports that show you exactly what is going on in your business. And since you can access them from your tablet or mobile device, you’re not stuck at your desk fiddling with spreadsheets for hours on end.


Track Employee Productivity

Let’s say that you are interested in your employee’s productivity. Wink Reports can connect to your employee timesheets in Xero, plus your billable hours logged in your job management system (such as ServiceM8 or WorkflowMax) and send you a report that allows you to easily see what percentage of each employee’s logged time on the job is being used for billable services with your customers.



Compare Actuals with Budget and MORE

Xero provides excellent reporting options and the Budget Manager tool is excellent for reporting on which aspects of the business are keeping within, exceeding or underachieving predetermined levels of financial effectiveness. Some financial data just can’t be stored within Xero though, such as CAPEX budgets and custom cash flow forecasts. Wink Reports provides a data entry feature for calculating and storing these values and can add them to your Xero financial information for cross-function and trend reporting.



Liquidity Measures

Liquidity refers to the availability of business’ assets that can be easily converted into cash. Money in the bank and trade debtors (customer invoices awaiting payment) are excellent examples of this, but what about work in progress? The value of work completed but not yet invoiced is just as important as cash and so including it in liquidity reporting can provide a more complete picture of future cash position.



These are just four examples of business intelligence that you can harness using Wink Reports and Xero and add-ons. Wink Reports’ consultants and partners work directly with you to tailor reports for your specific needs. What Wink Reports can do for your business is limited only by your imagination.

No matter what type of business you have, Wink Reports provides a simple, flexible, cloud-based solution for turning your raw data from Xero into useful, meaningful business information.

Contact us today to find out how Wink Reports can save you time and money!