Every business can benefit from custom reports. Here at Wink Reports, we are proud to offer our services in creating premium business management software that is truly tailored to your unique business needs. Some of our clients even have their existing software development team use our Wink Reports API in order to get their reports specifically customised to represent their company’s branding and culture.

One of our valued clients Abhijit of Mr Antenna let us know recently about how he has used Wink Reports’ API to produce graphical reports that are displayed on screens across the company’s call centres.

“We needed a real time KPI tracker to motivate our sales consultants and keep the leadership team in touch with the pulse of the business. With help from the highly pro-active support team and the fantastic Wink Reports API, we were able to quickly develop a very effective web-based solution using the Vue.js framework.  

Mr AntennaMr Antenna’s call centre information screens

The report is displayed on a 65” flat-screen in our office and has created a significant increase in team performance since we deployed it in early June. Wink Reports has been an invaluable addition to our business management tool-set. We’d be well and truly lost without it.”

These reports are updated in real-time, giving Mr Antenna’s employees relevant information about what is happening in the business from minute to minute. Integration of your data with the Wink Reports API opens up possibilities for business management that are limited only by your imagination. Contact us now to discover what we can do for your business with Wink Reports!