Since the inception of Wink Reports our vision has always been to bring users a simple, elegant tool to enable them to design, develop and deploy their own reports. We’ve been hard at work creating important features including a Dashboard, scheduled reporting (via email and posting to Slack), an API for our partners, connectors to Xero, ServiceM8, Unleashed, Vend, APE Mobile, Facebook and Google Analytics as well as more standard reports than we can wink at ;)

Connector Service M8

Over the past year our partners and willing users have been busily beta testing our newest user feature, assisting us to tweak, improve and provide a product that makes preparing your own reports from the above mentioned software packages a reality. We can’t thank them enough for their time and patience and we’re now very excited to share the Designer with you!

Today we’re proud to reveal the newest addition to the Wink Reports experience; by announcing the full release of our Wink Reports Designer.



We’ve listened to feedback and created the designer with your user experience in mind. Data focused browser-based reports with your preferred export option (PDF, CSV or XLSX) are just one element you can customise. Perhaps you’re a more visual person? The Wink Reports Designer also caters for designing dashboards. Choose from the selection of bar graphs, line graphs, or key metrics, as well as endless colour options for the graphical representation of your KPI’s that you’ve been missing.



The designer provides a live preview which allows you to see the direct result of a change you make. From simple adding and reordering of columns to more advanced formulas, filtering, sorting and aggregations, the live preview is the element that makes even the least ‘data-literate’ among us a reporting guru. Of course, our team are always available to provide assistance when required to our subscribers.

We hope that you’ll not only find designing your reports to be a huge productivity boost for your business but also a fun experience that keeps you coming back to unlock the power of the data in your business and prepare the reports you need to drive the growth and insights you seek. Sign up for a free trial of Wink Reports, connect your apps and start designing the reports you need today.


The Wink Reports team