Townsville based Top to Bottom Plumbing provides a diverse array of professional plumbing and roofing services to the commercial and residential community since 2010. Top to Bottom has successfully built a repeat customer base by positioning itself as the local authority of cost-effective and high-quality plumbing and roofing solutions. In addition, they provide expert advice, operate a 24-hour emergency service, and efficiently carry out all the work they undertake to the highest industry standards.

Prior to Wink Reports, Top to Bottom’s data procurement process was clunky and inefficient; a lot of manual interpretation of data had to be done in order to effectively gather parts and order products. They were in need of a software solution that could connect with and interpret data from their service field software ServiceM8 and accounting program Xero. 

For Top to Bottom, Wink Reports revolutionized how they procured valuable company data. Automating their stock supply process provided a level of assurance they would get back the products and tools they put into a client’s home. Thanks to Wink Reports, they can also more accurately forecast and order the right amount of products to fit their current needs, saving the company money in the long-term.

From a stockholding perspective, Top to Bottom decreased their stock holdings by 50%. The company held anywhere between 15,000-70,000 workers’ stock in a warehouse. They were then able to pivot and rely on their merchants to hold that stock instead of investing their own time and money in warehouse overhead, keeping tabs on inventory, and overseeing compliance issues.

Before Wink Reports, the Top-to-Bottom team had to rely on manual interpretation of data presented in the software they utilized such as ServiceM8 and Xero. By integrating these platforms into Wink Reports, the company was enabled to correlate key data points and receive a true representation of what was going on in the business. 

As a 24-hour service business that’s constantly on-the-go, the team appreciates the software’s limited downtime. “When you’re looking at a software solution, it needs to be foolproof from start to finish. If we do have an issue, you’re going to get a response straight away. A lot of times with bigger software or corporations you put in your ticket request and it can take hours to get a response and by that time you’ve figured it out yourself,” says Craig Morris, the man at the center of Top to Bottom Plumbing, “Another thing is, over time, Wink has adjusted the way they mold their reports around programs like ServiceM8. What that tells me is the developer is invested in creating a better product and all-around experience for their customer.”

Craig goes onto say, “We’d recommend Wink purely out of the procurement process; being able to offer an automated solution that vastly improves your service offering to customers. When we reviewed elements of our business like stock holding, we were juggling a lot of manual entry data and it had a direct impact on our customers. Thanks to Wink, we now know that whatever is being built out, we’re getting back. If our guys go to a client site to address an issue they’re going to have the appropriate stock and tools to do it. Wink looks at what parts of the business you can automate to deliver better service to your customers and it does it successfully.”

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