How Wink Reports Streamlined Project Management For Brown & Moodie Plumbing

Brown & Moodie Plumbing serve the industrial and commercial sectors of the building industry, offering their customers a full range of plumbing and piping services with a focus on mechanical and hydraulic plumbing development. With offices and production facilities located in both New South Wales and Queensland, Brown & Moodie needed an innovative reporting software to bridge the communication gap for their growing business. 

Before Wink Reports, Brown & Moodie’s line of communication with team members and its project management reporting process was very disjointed. “Some people in the company had information, others didn’t. We wasted a lot of time trying to piece everything together so everyone was on the same page,” recalls Liam Neylan, the company’s Logistics and Planning Manager, “Certain people were recording one aspect of the business while others were keeping tabs on other parts.”

Their Managing Director who oversaw operations at both their Queensland and New South Wales offices wanted to onboard a system where they could collect data and receive on-demand updates on his team’s projects. Prior to onboarding Wink Reports, the team was scrambling to collect all data via multiple spreadsheets across various active projects, trying to piece everything together. They needed an effective and reliable solution before their dependance on manual project management would start impacting relationships with their customers. 

Brown & Moodie were introduced to Wink Reports by Paperless, their business receipt and file management software. Paperless handled the data collection process while the import and reports were then assembled and delivered by Wink. The team was immediately impressed by the range of functionality with Wink Reports including the ability to create as many users as desired, implement filters within reports to make it project-specific, and the option to send scheduled reports and embed links to take the user back to the live report.

“There wasn’t a report we wanted that couldn’t be made,” said Neylan, “We used Wink to help track projects and it worked! It was very well worth the investment to find out if our company was winning or losing on a daily basis.” Brown & Moodie utilized Wink Reports as a means to track and manage internal operations and project management until they started wondering what else Wink could help their business with. “Initially it was all about the projects, and then we started brainstorming other reports we could create from Wink such as safety reports; who had injured themselves, what sort of injuries they had sustained, and now we have about 11 reports related to safety.”

We asked Neylan, bottom line, would he recommend Wink Reports to a friend? “I’d absolutely recommend Wink because of the value you get for your money, ease of access for every user involved, and the fact that Wink is continuously working to improve and add value to its system for its users.”

Are you looking for a streamlined project management and reporting solution for your company? Wink Reports offers simplified project management reporting to ensure your business and teams are operating at high efficiency and keep tabs on day-to-day operations and company activities. Not convinced? Start a 30-day free trial and try our reporting software today!