Everybody likes Xero. And with good reason; it’s an easy to use accounting tools package, which can record general ledgers, depreciation, payroll processing and accounts receivable reports, amongst other things.

But if you really want to get Xero to function effectively as a complete solution for your business accounting needs, you will need to seek out additional software support in the form of add-on programs which integrate with Xero.

But this can be a daunting task for the business owner who is short on time or isn’t familiar with the huge range of add-ons available.

You probably don’t have the time, money or patience to play hit and miss with all those different software packages to find the one you need. And as most add-ons are all written to cater for a large range of businesses, chances are that they just aren’t going to be giving you the specific reports and data that you need to operate your business as efficiently as you want to.

There’s an easy solution to this problem: Wink Reports.

Wink Reports is a business reporting tool that you can use as an add-on with Xero. You can also integrate it with other accounting software.

Because Wink Reports is tailored especially for your reporting needs, you will have access to the business information you need both where and when you want it.

For example, client appointments and your corresponding sales generated from those appointments are now easily available and comparable in one report.

When you sign up for Wink Reports, you get more than just a generic piece of software. You get customised reports written by experts who take the time to understand your business requirements, so that they can design and prepare your business reports the way you want them.

Contact us to find out how Wink Reports can simplify your existing business systems.