Ape Mobile + Wink

wink reports ;) connects all of your cloud software to generate custom reports.

connect everything

Connect everything.
Report on anything.

Align your job tracking, inventory and sales and marketing systems with Xero.

For example, once all your software is connected to Wink Reports you can see how marketing spend is paying off in traffic to your website; leads in your CRM; sales in your POS; and cashflow in Xero, all on one report!

make decisions in real time

Make decisions
in real-time.

When you sit down with your accountant to review the last quarter, it’s too late to do anything about the results.

Wink Reports lets you log in from anywhere and see all of your business reports in real-time.

Tailored design and delivery

Tailored design
and delivery

Beautiful graphs

Mobile and tablet friendly

Export to excel

Save as PDF

Schedule emails directly to your inbox

The possibilities are endless. What do you need to see from your business?

APE Mobile Screenshot

What is Ape Mobile?

APE Mobile replaces site paperwork by magically rolling all your form templates, checklists & drawings into a low cost paperless app.

APE Mobile saves a ton of time on site and with zero data entry back in the office. APE Mobile is easy to learn, removes duplication from handling paper forms and provides a real-time overview of what’s happening in your business.

APE Mobile is seriously powerful and includes:

  • All your site forms
  • Project registers
  • Offline access
  • Drawings and markups
  • Complex formulas
  • Built-in workflows

Learn more about APE Mobile here.

When connecting to APE Mobile we can report on…

  • Authentication
  • Error Handling
  • Projects
  • Users
  • Companies
  • Drawing
  • Drawing Views
  • Templates
  • Draft Templates
  • Action
  • Memos
  • Forms
  • Punch Lists
  • Submissions
  • Organisation Lists

Connect Ape Mobile + wink reports ;)

wink reports ;) is a reporting tool that enables you to design and build tailor-made reports for your business.

Connect your tools and get started designing the reports you need.

If you’d like a hand, fill in the form and one of our expert consultants will be in touch shortly to determine your requirements and guide you through the setup process.