We’re very excited to announce our Unleashed Inventory integration. This integration allows you to report on all aspects of your Unleashed Inventory software, from product metrics, supplier performance, to sales person effectiveness and everything in between.

Unleashed reports were one of our biggest feature requests in 2016 and so it is with great pleasure that we make Unleashed reports available to our valued customers, starting from January 9th 2017.

Commencing with several standard Unleashed reports, some of the detailed reports we can provide include:

  • Unleashed Product Sales by Customer Type
  • Unleashed Top Customer Sales by Customer Type
  • Unleashed Supplier Performance
  • Unleashed COGS

For more information, Unleashed’s API documentation is available here and contains a complete list of everything Wink Reports can report on from Unleashed for you.

Unleashed reports are available now for our Wink Reports Essentials customers and above and we have many more already on the way (including Aged Debtors by Unleashed Sales Rep). We haven’t forgotten your custom reporting requirements either – if you need custom Unleashed reports, let us know and we can easily put these together for you.

The full suite of Wink Reports features are also available to Unleashed customers. You can email Unleashed reports, post Unleashed reports into Slack and report across multiple Unleashed organisations. Users can also easily customise and share their own Unleashed dashboards and drill down on them to ascertain detail. Reporting across multiple products on the same dashboards is a breeze, so now you can finally see your Unleashed reports right next to your Xero, Vend, Google Analytics and Facebook data, to name just a few of the popular products Wink Reports is capable of integrating with.

Sign up for a 14 day free trial and setup your Unleashed reports now or contact us to find out more.