Since launching our ServiceM8 reports integration in 2015, one of the most prevalent requests we receive is for ServiceM8 dashboards that outline the upcoming schedule of jobs. There’s two standard Wink Reports available to cater for this:
  • ServiceM8 Jobs Scheduled
  • ServiceM8 Value of Jobs Scheduled by Category
The ServiceM8 Jobs Scheduled report, like all Wink Reports has two elements; a dashlet that appears on the dashboard and a detailed list of all job detail when you drill down from the dashboard. Here’s a sample of the dashlet and the available settings on the drill down detail version of the report:
ServiceM8 Jobs Scheduled Dashlet from a Wink Reports dashboard


ServiceM8 Jobs Scheduled drill down report settings


The ServiceM8 Value of Jobs Scheduled by Category report also contains both dashlet and drill down elements but with more detail than the ServiceM8 Jobs Scheduled option. Here’s a sample of the dashlet (the drill down settings are the same as above):

ServiceM8 Value of Jobs Scheduled by Category Dashlet from a Wink Reports Dashboard


The great thing about both of these standard reports is that they also include the ability to filter the date range to report into the future. The filter feature lets you add the dashlet multiple times to a single dashboard and filter each option for a different date range. This will allow you to forecast when your technicians may run out of work – all on the one screen.


Combined with all your other ServiceM8 business metrics, the scheduling reports can be a powerful tool for forward scheduling your entire business. And even better still – using the report multiple times only counts as one standard report in Wink Reports, leaving you nine more reports you can setup and include on your dashboard ;)


Wink Reports dashboard


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