Some of the Xero add-on reporting tools are excellent. The endless dashboards, business insights graphs, budgeting, forecasting and consolidation tools are really assisting your move to providing value-added advisory services. But they’re not “yours”. You’ve invested so much of your time and effort over the years to acquire your client base and watch them grow, so why can’t the reports you deliver to them each reporting period be yours too?

They can – they’re called white labelled reports.  

One of our specialties at Wink Reports is replacing complex spreadsheets by connecting to Xero and other add-on products. We produce your spreadsheets in your exact Excel layout, without the need for manually preparing them every month. And that leaves you more time to focus on those value add services, or sitting on the beach ;)

Many of the cloud integrators, consultants, accounting and bookkeeping firms we work with have developed some very cool (not to mention complex) spreadsheet-based management packs or custom reports for their clients. Countless hours of love, sweat and tears have gone into the designs and into wrestling with Excel to make the spreadsheets look and do just what they want in order to deliver the customised, monthly, unique value insights directly to their clients.  

The month-end rush to get those custom reports out to 30-odd clients is an all too familiar scenario. You’ve spent hour after hour refining layouts for your clients and despite cloud-based tools like Xero and its add-ons being prevalent, extracting and re-keying data, formatting, sorting and re-running formulas seems to consume more of your time than ever.

Wink Reports offers the option of white labelled reports to our partners and enterprise customers. White labelled reports are prepared and deployed by Wink Reports but are not branded as such, giving partners the capacity to deliver a uniquely branded and tailored report pack solution for their clients. White labelled reports can also be deployed to your clients or users via your own website or portal – users won’t even need to login to Wink to run their reports!

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