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Mr Antenna

Mr Antenna white labeled wink reports.

“We needed a real time KPI tracker to motivate our sales consultants and keep the leadership team in touch with the pulse of the business.

With help from the highly pro-active support team and the fantastic wink reports API, we were able to quickly develop a very effective web-based solution using the Vue.js framework.

The report is displayed on a 65” flat-screen in our office and has created a significant increase in team performance since we deployed it in early June.

wink reports has been an invaluable addition to our business management tool-set. We’d be well and truly lost without it.”

– Shane

A little about white labeled wink reports.

wink reports offers the option of white labelled reports to our partners and enterprise customers. White labelled reports are prepared and deployed by wink Reports but are not branded as such, giving partners the capacity to deliver a uniquely branded and tailored report pack solution for their clients.

White labelled reports can also be deployed to your clients or users via your own website or portal – users won’t even need to login to Wink to run their reports!

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