While having a quick browse through Twitter this week, I noticed a few accounts we follow using the hashtag #wfhw – Work From Home Week. It’s an initiative launched in the UK to try and get employers and people in the workforce considering the benefits of working from home. Whether it’s avoiding a long commute, creating a more harmonious work/life balance or saving your company money through reducing your operating costs, there’s a lot of advantages to be gained from working at home.

Thanks to the power of the cloud, here at Wink Reports our employees are able to work from their homes and also from out on the road when needed. But what is working from home really like? When our Technical Director and HR Manager started working from home, we quickly realised that using a spare bedroom as an office was not ideal as it was hard to stay focused on work, especially with a two year old toddling around the house. So a solution was decided upon and initiated. Enter the Wink Reports tree-house! Our friends at Cabin Kits Galore delivered and constructed this little beauty in the back corner of our backyard over the course of two days. They were a breeze to deal with and we highly recommend their services.

As you can see, our cabin came “raw” and we needed to paint, install the flooring and wire it up ourselves. But after all that hard work was out of the way, the reward was a trip down to Ikea to select furniture which turned out to be a lot of fun!

Now it is completed, our backyard office provides us with a quiet, comfortable place to work and stay organised in our roles at Wink Reports.

Having a separate office space outside of our house makes it easier to separate work activities from household ones, helps you to feel more productive and boosts your concentration.

We have ample space for our desks, the office furniture and even a little meeting zone (or chill out area!).

We have also reserved an office corner for the littlest member of our household. Sometimes it’s nice to have some company while we work, and having her own special desk to herself usually keeps her busy and happy for a while during visits.

At the end of the day, the deck is an inviting place to relax and unwind, or just take a break when needed.

And when you have a view like this one to enjoy, it’s not hard to be a big fan of working from home! Do you have a dedicated home working environment? With telecommuting becoming more popular, we’d love to see where our partners and clients work! Click here to get in touch with us ;)