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400+ Companies have already simplified their reporting with Wink

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Unlock the insights in your data


Unlock the insights in your data

Wink Reports simplifies the collection, filtering, and analysis of your business data from as many sources as you connect.

Our reports and dashboards help you visualize patterns and trends in your revenue and expenses, so that you can manage seasonality, improve cash flow and overall growth.

Flexible Excel-style spreadsheets


Flexible Excel-style spreadsheets

If you love the flexibility of Excel but hate the time-sapping manual work involved, you’ll love Wink’s spreadsheet-style reporting tool and the freedom it gives  you to create fully custom reports.

Save time and install one of our ready-made templates, designed by business analysts and easy to customize.



Connect 25+ software tools

Connect your key business management software to Wink, creating a single source of truth that merges operational, financial, sales and marketing data.

Spread knowledge within your business using scheduled reports to keep your team on top of the risks and opportunities emerging in your business in real time. 

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Connect your Cin7 Omni account to Wink Reports

Connect Cin7 Omni to Wink in 4 easy steps: under the Cin7 API Setup menu, copy the API Username and generate your Cin7 Omni API key; set permissions for Wink; in Wink, paste the username and key into the Cin7 connection form; and save. That’s it! Your Cin7 Omni and Wink accounts are securely integrated.

Hero features for Cin7 Omni users

Easily see your numbers in one place

Connect your software tools to Wink and create a central source of truth that delivers the full picture of your business performance with the power to drill down into the detail or stay focused on high-level numbers.

Wink offers 25+ integrations that are ready to use, straight out the box

Cin7 Core framed Dashboard

Get real-time insights into your data

Reports built on current data help your team make informed decisions quickly and keep your finger on the pulse of critical numbers, like sales, inventory, and cash flow.

Email your team the reports they need on a set schedule, helping them to keep on top of the most important numbers in each business unit.

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Connect all your data seamlessly

Connect your most important business software tools to Wink to create a single, central source of truth across all your data in one place.

Use Wink's merge reports function to seamlessly blend operational, financial and marketing data into powerful reports that help you identify opportunities and potential risks.

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Automate the repetitive stuff

Automate manual, repetitive tasks to increase efficiency, reduce human error, and save time for your team to focus on what moves the business forward. If there is data driving a task, you can automate it. For example:

  • Create follow-up tasks in a workflow
  • Email fulfillment as new orders come in
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No credit card required. 14-Day trial.

The epic list of all our Cin7 Omni specs

Connect your data to Wink and design the custom reports you need, or browse our template gallery and install ready-made Cin7 Omni reports and dashboards.



  • Adjustment
  • Adjustment Line Items
  • Transfer Items
  • Branch Transfers
  • Combined Sale and Credit Note Items
  • Contacts
  • Credit Note Items
  • Credit Notes
  • Payments
  • Production Job
  • Production Job Product Components
  • Production Job Products
  • Products
  • Purchase Order Lines
  • Purchase Orders
  • Quote Lines
  • Quotes
  • Sales Order Lines
  • Sales Orders
  • Serial Numbers
  • Stock
  • Voucher

Ready-made Templates

Explore our template gallery or use Wink's Excel-style builder to create your report.

Also connects with…

  • Airtable
  • Facebook
  • Google Ads
  • Google Analytics
  • Hubspot
  • Intuit Quickbooks
  • Mailchimp
  • MYOB
  • OpenAI ChatGPT
  • Microsoft 365
  • Slack
  • Xero
And more - see the full list here.

Did we tick everything off your requirements list? 😉

No credit card required. 14-Day trial.

Need more than Cin7 Omni?

Connect 25+ plug and play tools together

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Quickbooks integration
OpenAI ChatGPT integration

Frequently asked questions

How do I connect Cin7 Core (Dear) to Wink Reports?

Connect Cin7 Omni with Wink Reports in these straightforward steps:

  1. In Cin7, go to API Setup. Copy the API Username for Wink Reports to a safe document. Click 'Add API Connection'.
  2. Use ‘Wink Reports’ for the App Name and click Save. This will generate your secure API Key. Copy this key to a safe document.
  3. Go to your API Connections list and click the Wink Reports Permissions link. Tick “Read” to set permission for the CIN7 objects you want in your reports.
  4. In Wink, go to Connectors, click Connect under Cin7 Omni and paste the API Username and your secure API Key into the connect form and click Save.

The first import pulls your historical data into Wink. This data is essential for identifying seasonal revenue fluctuations for better cash flow management, or tracking demand trends to improve efficiency and productivity.

This initial import happens once only and we don't levy any fees for it. It takes time, but you can log out - we’ll let you know when it’s done. Once your data is synced, we automatically keep it current.

Will this work if my company has multiple Cin7 Omni accounts?

Yes! You can create account details for users in your company and invite them to access Wink Reports.

How will I benefit if I connect Cin7 Omni to Wink?

You will be able to track the most important numbers across your business from both your Cin7 Omni data and other business software, like your financial and marketing tools.

You'll get flexible, spreadsheet-style reporting based on accurate, current data, along with graphic dashboards. You can even schedule reports to be emailed to specific employees to help them make data-informed decisions and stay on top of their targets.

Why can’t I find Wink in my Cin7 Omni?

You need to create a Wink Reports account first - click here to get started.

What is Cin7 Omni?

Cin7 Omni is a cloud-based software system that helps businesses manage their inventory, sales, and operations more efficiently. It provides a centralized platform that integrates different sales channels, such as online stores, marketplaces, and physical stores, to give businesses a complete overview of their stock levels and sales.

With Cin7 Omni, businesses can streamline operations, reduce manual tasks, and improve inventory accuracy, leading to better customer satisfaction and increased profits. Additionally, Cin7 Omni offers features such as automated ordering, shipping, and invoicing, making it easier for businesses to manage their processes and focus on growth.

Does it take long to connect Cin7 Omni to Wink?

You can connect Cin7 Omni to Wink Reports in 4 steps, but please be aware that once your software is connected, we need to import your historical data for features like tracking trends and setting targets based on past performance.

If you’ve been operating for years, this first import will take some time, but it only happens once and we don’t charge for it. You can log out while that is underway (we’ll let you know when it’s done).

If you decide not to use Wink after your trial, you can delete everything with the click of a button.

Can I use Wink’s automation and rules with Cin7 Omni?

Absolutely! If your Cin7 Omni business rules stipulate what action you want to incorporate into a report, Wink automations will create the correct settings to make it happen.

Simpler reporting 3 steps

Simpler reporting in 3 steps

Wink Reports was made for business owners, not data analysts. Getting the report you need is as easy as 1-2-3... Connect, create and gain insights!


No credit card required. 14-Day trial.