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Our most popular software integrations

ServiceTitan integration
AroFlo integration
ServiceM8 integration
Cin7 Core integration
Unleashed integration
simPRO integration

Connect any of these integrations in Wink

Google Ads logo


Connect your data from Adwords to help track your marketing activities if you use Google Ads to get your brand in front of customers searching for businesses like yours on Google and Maps.

Airtable integration


Connect your data from Airtable to track your productivity if you use this low-code platform to customize your workflow and collaborate across teams to achieve your business goals.

Ape Mobile integration

APE Mobile

Connect your data from APE Mobile if you’re in the construction industry and use this field service application to capture and manage site-related data in real time.

AVANSER integration


Connect your data from AVANSER if you use its end-to-end solution to simplify and activate the power of call data, phone hardware and business fiber connectivity, all in one.

ChatGPT logo


This AI chatbot allows you to ask contextual questions and receive intelligent answers in a conversational format. Ask it to populate customer info in an automated workflow or analyze your reports.

Cin7 Omni integration

Cin7 Omni

Connect your data from Cin7 Omni if you use its fully integrated, cloud-based inventory management software and Point of Sale (POS) system to help streamline your stock management. More on Cin7 Omni and Wink

Cin7 Core integration

Cin7 Core

Connect your data from Cin7 Core (previously Dear Inventory) if you use this online inventory management system to manage your eCommerce business. More on Cin7 Core and Wink

Deputy integration


Connect your data from Deputy to track productivity as you use its all-in-one, workforce management solution to simplify employee scheduling, timesheets, tasking and communication.

File Import integration

File Import

Connect and seamlessly blend your data from File Import with data from your other connectors if you use this tool to import your own data in XLS, CSV and other formats.

google analytics integration

Google Analytics

Connect your data from Google Analytics to guide your marketing strategy as you use it to measure your advertising ROI and track your Flash, video, social networking sites and apps.

Hubspot integration


Connect your data from Hubspot to include your marketing, sales, customer service, and CRM data to better understand the purchase flow and customer engagement that drive business success.

Kounta integration


Connect your data from Kounta if you use this cloud-based Point of Sale (POS) software system with its powerful add-ons.

Litmos integration


Connect your data from Litmos to track productivity if you use this learning management system with its pre-built courses and e-learning solutions to deliver training anytime, anywhere.

Mailchimp integration


Connect your data from Mailchimp to track your growth if you use this all-in-one, integrated, marketing platform, made to help small businesses grow on their own terms.

MYOB integration


Connect your data from MYOB as you use it for invoicing, expense tracking, payroll and more in this easy-to-use, online accounting system, made for small businesses.

quickbooks integration


Connect your data to track performance if you use Quickbooks online accounting software for your small business to send invoices, organize your expenses, and manage your cash flow.

ServiceM8 integration


Connect your data from ServiceM8 if you use this leading job management software tool for your commercial and residential HVAC, plumbing, electrical, trade or other field service business. More on ServiceM8 and Wink

ServiceTitan integration


Connect your data from ServiceTitan if you use this leading software tool for your commercial and residential HVAC, plumbing, electrical, or other field service business. More on ServiceTitan and Wink

service trade integration


Connect your data from ServiceTrade’s mobile and web-based field service management tool if you use it to streamline operations and to improve your productivity and customer experiences.

Shopify logo


Connect your Shopify data to track everything from seasonal demand to top selling product by margin and cross referenced with returns, to supercharge reporting across your entire commerce ecosystem.

simPRO integration


Connect your data from simPRO if you use its cloud-based, field service operations management software to streamline your job management and business processes. More on simPRO and Wink

smartsheet integration


Connect your data from Smartsheet to track productivity as you use its dynamic platform and collaboration software solutions to develop team efficiency, effectiveness and scale.

Slack integration


Connect your data to track team productivity if your team uses Slack for internal communications, as a faster, better organized and more secure alternative to email.

Tradegecko integration


Connect your data from Tradegecko if you use this automated inventory management software with its B2B ordering platform for your Wholesale and Multi-channel eCommerce.



Connect your data from Unleashed if you use its enterprise-level business management solution to streamline your business and inventory. More on Unleashed and Wink

Vend integration


Connect your data from Vend if you use this cloud-based, Point of Sale (POS) and retail management software to run your business in-store, online, and on mobile.

WorkflowMax integration


Connect your data from WorkflowMax if you use its all-in-one, field service project management software for job costing, quoting, time tracking, invoicing, reporting, and more.

wrike integration


Connect your data from Wrike’s project management software if you use this platform to manage your team’s work, providing full visibility and control of all tasks and projects.

Xero integration


Connect your data from Xero if you use its online accounting software to manage your work with accountants, bookkeepers and your bank, and to help you get STP compliant.

Frequently asked questions

What if I need a connector that is not listed here?

If the integration you need is for software commonly used to manage inventory or run trade or field service businesses on a small to medium scale, it’s worth asking if a connection is in planning or development. 

If one of your software tools is bespoke or very niche, it’s worth checking if you can use File Import to import your own data in XLS, CSV and other formats, which you can blend seamlessly with the data from your integrated connections in Wink. 

Can I request a specific connector?

Email to find out if the software connection you need is in planning or development. If not, we can usually recommend suitable integration experts who are Wink Reports Certified. 

Do you limit the number of connectors/accounts I can have?

The number of software tools you connect depends on which Wink Reports plan you choose. Check out your options on our pricing and plans page.

How long does it take to set up an integration?

Our integrations are all ready to use, but different software tools have different security steps. For example, some tools require you to sign in on our connector page, while others require you to use an API key (readily available from your software provider).

Whatever is required, we’ll help you get it done at the start of your free trial, so you can test drive Wink Reports fully.

Once your software is connected, we need to import your historical data for features like tracking trends and setting targets based on past performance. If you’ve been operating for years, this first import will take some time, but it only happens once and we don’t charge for it. You can log out while that is underway (we’ll let you know when it’s done).

If you decide not to use Wink after your trial, you can delete everything with the click of a button.

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