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Know how your business is doing before your accountant tells you

Don’t know about you but isn’t it far more exciting to watch an ODI cricket match live instead of reading the highlights in the next day’s paper? Did you know you actually grapple with this same question every working day - about the state of your business? There’s no reason you cannot be right on top of the game, blow-by-blow, with your eyes on the ball, so to speak.

How to read the state of play

In order to succeed, every business needs information -  internal business information that provides deep, valuable insights into different aspects of your business. It helps you assess the current performance of your business and to plan future progress.

Whatever kind of business you run, it will have internal information resources about your employees, sales, and your customers. You can keep yourself informed about where your business is at right now, act quickly and appropriately on that information simply by using your internal business data more effectively.

Too much data flying around

Here’s the headache: there’s so much data available (and that’s great but) it’s often beyond the capability of most business owners to gather and set up systems that process and analyze only the info you want to focus on, and to do that quickly and easily. That’s a super long sentence because it describes a complicated process! You probably need your accountant or IT expert to make sense of that for you…

For example, internal business information is almost always spread across multiple software platforms and systems: you might host a customer database with ServiceM8 but track your accounting data in  Xero. Additionally, what you’d like to track on a day-to-day basis might only be available to you in a month-end report. If something suddenly influences your sales, you won’t even notice for a week or more because you’ve been unable to stay synchronized with your business data. That puts you out of the loop.

Finger on the pulse

Fortunately, there is a way you can track all of your critical business information, even when it’s coming from multiple sources. And that information is available any time you need it on your device. It will keep you clued into issues such as what products are the most popular with your customers, and what factors could be influencing your customer and employee satisfaction. It doesn’t happen by magic; it happens courtesy of Wink Reports!

With Wink Reports, you’ll be able to monitor the ongoing progress of your business whenever it suits you and however you want to look at it, not just when it suits your accountant or in a format only they can understand. It’s a cloud-based reporting tool that seamlessly integrates your business data from multiple platforms and gives you crucial insights into how your business is doing. You get a custom report, tailored to your particular business needs, which enables you to easily track trends in real time, analyze your business data insights, and act decisively on the information.

If you’re ready for effortless, accessible reports that make complete sense of your business info, take advantage of our 30-day free trial and get the insights you want with Wink Reports. It’ll change the way you think about data forever.

How has data helped you move your business forward? Leave a comment to share your insights with other business owners.

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Simpler reporting in 3 steps

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