When Wink Reports began in 2013, our team all worked remotely, and continue to do so. We quickly realised the need to stay in constant contact without the use of email or video chat. We needed something more like instant messaging, but was also platform independent and easy to customise. Enter Slack, and we haven’t looked back!

Among the other cloud apps we use is Xero, which needs no introduction. While utilising Slack for collaboration on sales, product delivery and administration became core to what we did, we weren’t able to quickly view, interpret and action Xero reports from within the Slack application like we were with other platforms like Google Drive or Stripe. Our Software Development team put together a slick integration that allowed us to utilise our own Wink Reports design tool to build the Xero reports we needed, and then schedule those reports into the appropriate Slack channels.   

The Wink Reports Scheduled Reports menu option allows users to give their scheduled report a custom name, as well as nominate which Wink Report they want to automate. The scheduled delivery method is then selected; you can use email or Slack. This includes custom reports built using the Wink Reports design tool:



Nominating which Slack channel to deliver the reports to is simple – you just need your Slack API token which is easy to find (instructions are included in Wink Reports) and then you choose the schedule that best suits your requirements using the drop-down options:


All that’s left to do now is sit back and let Wink Reports post your report into Slack, which users can then comment on, post emoji reactions to, or download for external use. Users can also click through the link to take them to a drill-down detail version of the report right from within Slack. 

Note: Parts of this image have been obscured for privacy reasons


Combining Xero with with the collaborative power of Slack is a breeze. To connect your Xero, Facebook, Google Analytics (and more) accounts, design the reports you need and schedule them into Slack to unlock the full potential of your business sign up now for a free trial of Wink Reports!