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Adelaide Hills Foods is a family-owned company that produces fresh, home-baked goods, with their headquarters in Adelaide, Australia. They sell wholesale to businesses around the country, supplying 1,500+ outlets, ranging from large chain stores to small fruit and vegetable shops, gourmet stalls and coffee shops. Marketing Manager, IT Consultant and App Developer, Simon Horwood, told us how they used Wink Reports to understand their product inventory and make informed decisions that support the company’s growth.

Before Wink Reports

The level of detail they required from their reports used to be seriously lacking. They needed a comprehensive overview of their inventory, and reports showing exactly how the business was doing, but all they had to work with was the limited reporting in their Unleashed inventory software. According to Simon, if they hadn't found Wink, they wouldn't have gained the business intelligence they needed to keep up with demand and would potentially have lost a lot of sales.

With Wink, Simon got a clear picture of their inventory and demand fluctuations, which resulted in sharing accurate, timely information across the Adelaide Hills team and with their customers.

How Wink helped

Simon says they relied heavily on their Wink reports for the detailed insights they needed to inform their stock management decisions. One of their favorite Wink features is Scheduled Emails, which Simon used to automate the delivery of essential reports about inventory levels and ordering, both internally to the sales team and externally with repeat customers.

Apart from Unleashed software, Adelaide Hills also uses Airtable, Deputy, and Xero in their business - all these software tools have ready-made connections to Wink, bringing the most important numbers across the business into one centralized reporting tool.

Simon used Wink to combine different Unleashed data sources and unlock a very granular view of their inventory levels. This rich detail made a significant difference to their success.

1. Business growth factor of 68

Their Store Master Report became their ‘bible for inventory’ - it provided a quick, valuable and comprehensive summary of their sales performance. By analyzing their sales data, it identified which stores performed well and which required attention. With a wide range of products and a customer base numbering thousands, they used the report to keep their stores and sales teams informed about any decline in sales and any other trends that impacted on revenue. As a result of using this Wink report, Adelaide Hills improved their stock management and got better at upselling to their customers, achieving incredible 68X growth. 

2. Saved 10 hours per week

They created a Price List Custom report, enabling sales reps to quickly produce customized price lists for their store visits. This saved them a significant amount of time and effort to gather and collate the info relevant to each store.

3. Key product line sales up 300%

They created a Daily Stock Report to manage production planning for their fastest moving stock. With less than a 45-day production period, this report helped them improve the efficiency of their production planning, leading to increased sales of key product lines.

4. 500-year ROI on monthly subscription

Wink Reports proved to be a profitable investment for Adelaide Hills - assessing the positive impact on their revenue growth in one year, Adelaide Hills earned back their Professional subscription fees for approximately the next 500 years!

In the food production industry, keeping track of stock levels and minimum orders isn’t enough. Simon also needed to monitor use-by dates and rate of sale, amongst other key factors. With Wink, they customized their inventory management to exactly what was needed, improving the simplicity of most standard inventory reports and achieving sophisticated business intelligence outputs.

Why Adelaide Hills recommends Wink

For a small to medium-sized enterprise to drive real growth, it’s not only important to turn data into valuable insights. It’s also crucial to share those insights across decision makers. Wink saved the Adelaide Hills team loads of time and manpower by automating this process:

Our biggest win was the spread of knowledge within the business by using scheduled reports to send emails to certain employees, so they’re aware of the sales and product movement.” - Simon Horwood

With 1,400+ products to track - frozen, fresh, and from different states - Simon got the granular reports the team needed to achieve better visibility of their inventory. Wink became the power tool to slice and dice this information by the smallest relevant factors. This prepared them better for seasonal fluctuations, improved their cash flow and skyrocketed overall business performance. Whether it was anticipating slow periods or avoiding cash flow shortages, Wink helped Adelaide Hills to take the most profitable action, adjusting pricing and promotional campaigns.

One of the most important ways Wink has helped us is around profitability, meaning we can see patterns of regular and predictable changes in demand, revenue, and other business factors that occur over the course of a year.” - Simon Horwood

Made for business owners

Wink resolves reporting tasks quickly and efficiently. It makes important inventory information accessible and easier to act on. For both those reasons, Simon sees Wink's reporting solutions playing an integral part of the day-to-day running of their operations, and in the future growth of their business.

If we are making any improvements in production, one of our questions is, ‘How can Wink help the data?’ Wink is entrenched in our business.” - Simon Horwood

If you’re keen to unleash the power of your business data, take advantage of our free trial and put Wink Reports to work for you.

How has data helped you move your business forward? Leave a comment to share your insights with other business owners.

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