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Report on your terms from TradeGecko

Wink Reports proudly announce yet another end-to-end software integration with a powerful cloud-based inventory and order management tool: TradeGecko. If you use it for your business (or you’d like to), you can now connect to Wink and report on all TradeGecko features.

TradeGecko: best-of-breed inventory tool

What you get is the ability to combine warehousing, manufacturing and multi-currency support, so that you can manage every product, order and customer in one place. TradeGecko keeps one central source of truth on stock levels across all online and offline channels, which provides their users with detailed, up-to-date visibility and control over inventory.

Get set up ASAP

A marriage between your Wink Reports and TradeGecko is a happy one ;) It will give your business insights a major boost with specialized reports for your products, sales, customers, purchasing, and more.

If you’re keen to enhance your TradeGecko experience with Wink, take advantage of our 30-day free trial.

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Simpler reporting in 3 steps

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