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How to connect ServiceM8

Safely connect your ServiceM8 account to Wink by logging in to your ServiceM8 account via the secure form in Wink Reports.

That’s it - your ServiceM8 and Wink accounts are now integrated.

Here’s a step-by-step guide:

Log in to your Wink Account, under Connections scroll down to ServiceM8 and click on Connect now:


Log into your ServiceM8 account using the secure form and follow the prompts:ServiceM8-setup-2

Your historical data

Once connected, the first thing we do is import your historical data to power features like: tracking seasonal demand trends and setting targets based on past performance. If you’ve been operating for several years, this first import will take some time but:

  • it only happens once;
  • we don’t charge for it; and
  • you can log out while it happens.

We’ll let you know when your data is ready to be turned into business intelligence for you and your team. 

Next steps

Use Wink’s flexible, spreadsheet-style report builder to create custom reports and dashboards, or install a ready-made template created specifically for ServiceM8 customers by our business analysts. Have a look at our template gallery.

On our 30-day free trial, you’ll test drive Wink for real, not with demo data. Our trial is zero obligation (no credit card required), and if you decide to keep Wink, you simply subscribe to the price and plan that suits you best - your data source is already connected and your most important reports are running. 

If you decide not to keep Wink, you can delete everything with one button (here’s our data privacy policy).

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Simpler reporting in 3 steps

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