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How to Generate Call Summaries with AI in ServiceTitan

While you’ve got your customer on the phone, get some key profit-boosting info directly from the horse’s mouth ;)

No, they’re not going to tell you the lottery numbers, but what they say on the phone can indicate preferences and peeves that lead to new opportunities. Just imagine how proactive you could be with a little heads-up on a wish or an annoyance they expressed during a call…

It’s a small area in your business that you definitely want to manage well for serious bottom-line benefits. We investigated how to manage your call summaries in ServiceTitan, and discovered that artificial intelligence (AI) can help your technicians generate concise call summaries fast.

Another cost-saving for you - you’re welcome!

The huge value of call summaries for your business

You know all that money you channel into marketing and outbound sales? You have to do it to win new business. But did you know that the customer phone calls you currently have on record represent new opportunities you don’t have to go looking for?

In most cases, you’re directing the conversation flow using pre-populated fields and prompts in ServiceTitan. So, you cover specific talking points and get specific feedback on issues you’ve determined are important. Even when the conversation goes off script, there can be some nuggets in there that are well worth isolating.

A call summary cuts through the fluff and noise to zero in on what matters, and captures only the essential details from a conversation.

What call summaries can do

  • Focus on customer preferences and peeves
  • Produce actionable insights that enhance customer experience
  • Highlight new opportunities or alert to missed opportunities

What to do with call summary data

  • Make informed decisions based on calls between techs and customers
  • Follow up faster and more appropriately
  • Track tech performance to identify areas for improvement
  • Aid sales pipeline improvement and coaching

Managing customer call data in ServiceTitan

As a ServiceTitan user, you have the option of the Basic Phone Integration or ServiceTitan Phones Pro. Let’s compare the two offerings.


  • Inbound calls routed to ServiceTitan
  • Call recording
  • Campaign tracking
  • CSR metric reporting

Phones Pro

  • VoIP phone provider
  • Real-time call transcription
  • Call recording
  • Call monitoring, including ‘call sentiment’

In the Calls tab of your ServiceTitan dashboard, there are pre-populated fields to indicate, for example, campaign, priority, tags and business units for the job being booked. In summary, you have all you need to book a straightforward job appointment, but an add-on tool is required to catch those profitable nuggets of insight.

Some annoying limitations

If you’ve upgraded to the Pro package, you might say, never mind, we don’t need other tools because we’ve got Titan Intelligence! It’s got this ‘Second Chance Leads w/Summarization’ feature that detects un-booked calls within minutes after call completion.

That’s cool. But it still doesn’t tap the valuable resource of customer call summaries. Unless of course you get your techs to write down notes from all their customer conversations, so you can type up a summary yourself in the call log. There’s always a manual option.

Even if all calls are recorded, someone has to take the time to listen to entire recordings and make notes.

Even with automatic call transcription in ServiceTitan, who’s got time to read through transcripts from every phone call?

And we haven’t even started on the time and effort needed to interpret the complex results from call sentiment and monitoring… Not the most enviable part of a CSR supervisor’s job.

Generating call summaries in ServiceTitan with AI

AI-generated call summaries offer a cost-effective way to streamline your operations. Speech-to-text technology produces transcripts, configured into a summary that is immediately available.

What makes it so awesome?

  • It simplifies access to these delicious morsels of customer information.
  • It condenses call content into three to four bullet points regardless of call length.
  • It grabs only the most important details from the entire call.

Like those bullet points? They make for easy reading, don’t they?

We’ll give you another awesome point - on how AI is a cost-effective solution:

  • It works in the background and it works alone, doing the work of transcribing recorded phone calls for you, in far less time than humanly possible.

AI-generated call summaries go further

AI tracks and analyzes call trends and customer interaction by summarizing talk time in percentages and items that need to be actioned. The fact that it can analyze large call volumes in a short time makes it a scalable solution for your business.

By highlighting new sales opportunities that can add bookings to your over-the-phone appointments, it helps you optimize your marketing spend.

AI will alert you to missed opportunities together with key conversation points that will help your tech convert the lead.

With literally zero labor requirement to put this technology to work for you, you’re free to reroute resources elsewhere. That’s a cost-saving right there.

How Wink uses ChatGPT to automate call summaries

We understand that AI is here to make our lives easier, not take over the planet. So, we made it our business to harness its power to your benefit. Wink Reports partners with ServiceTitan to help users optimize their workflow processes.

As if you didn’t know, ChatGPT is an AI tool. We’ve integrated it into our reporting tool to combine with your data and automate a range of repetitive and manual tasks.

Through machine learning, ChatGPT quickly figures out how to interpret your phone call content. It picks up on nuances like you wouldn’t believe. It will go straight to work on your call summaries and do them for you quickly, accurately, and in real time. You don’t have to worry about how AI works. Just know that it works like magic.

Connect to Wink and we’ll insert ChatGPT as an add-on to your ServiceTitan account.

Any data produced in the process feeds into our reporting tool. But that’s just another bonus: insights that help your managers track KPIs and your technicians service customers better.

Make life better for your customers and it will give your profit a boost! Now, let’s get your call summaries organized and to the (bullet) point.

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