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In the spotlight: meet Carbon Group

We don’t do the work of turning crucial data into business intelligence all by ourselves. At Wink Reports, we like to partner with experts in their fields to get the benefits of our cloud reporting software working for businesses like yours.

Wink enjoys working relationships with financial service providers, accountants, Xero partners, and cloud integrators that share our passion for helping clients to manage their accounting, finance and business information successfully, using the most effective software solutions available. These are selected specifically with the business they are being used for in mind in order to fit exactly what that business needs now and in the future - our partners understand how important that is.

Our partner in the spotlight: Carbon Group

Matt-Rutter-Carbon-Group-imageCarbon Group is based in Perth. Just last year, they expanded and opened an office in Melbourne too. We’re proud to work with this knowledgeable team that possesses such extensive experience across multiple business services. They are true industry experts, leading divisions in accounting, bookkeeping, business systems, insurance and finance, providing the ultimate one-stop-shop for core business needs.

Carbon Group has a team of dedicated cloud integrators who consult with businesses and implement the appropriate technology solutions needed to maximize their clients’ business efficiency, which exactly echoes our goals.

By using the right knowledge, software options and integration skills, Carbon Group helps businesses to transform the way they work. They identify specific business needs and then introduce businesses to software services such as Wink Reports - during this process, Carbon Group is able to both anticipate and address business requirements for the present moment as well as for future business growth planning.

Carbon Group prides themselves on delivering end-to-end training, consistently consulting the client and keeping them informed throughout the transformation process. They start with a client needs analysis - this enables them to cater to the particular business needs and helps them identify the level of support and training required, the amount of time that’s available, and any special customization requirements. After the initial demonstration and proof of concept to the client, they establish an implementation date and commence with the software setup.

When Carbon Group partners with Wink Reports

For clients using Wink Reports, once Carbon Group has identified their particular reporting needs, they configure and customize the client’s reports to meet their particular business needs.

Here’s an example: a client uses Wink to email reports of interest on an automated schedule, so that everyone who needs it has that report first thing on a Monday morning. This enables the client to plan accurately for the week to come without first needing to log into multiple applications to find the relevant data.

Does your business need a complete overhaul of your current business software system? Or are you experiencing changes that require software add-ons to help you manage your business better? Either way, Carbon Group’s particular skills set and expertise can help you transform the way you do business by demonstrating exactly how cloud software can benefit your business.

Keen to partner up?

If you’d like to know more about how they can help you simplify the way your business software works, and help you save time and money, go ahead and  contact Carbon Group.

Take advantage of our 30-day free trial and unleash your business potential with Wink Reports.

How has data helped you move your business forward? Leave a comment to share your insights with other business owners.

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