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Need better pricebook dashboards in ServiceTitan?

On a scale from 1 to 10, just how satisfied are you with the level of access and visibility you have of your ServiceTitan Pricebook?

Given how integral it is to a range of business functions, you probably wish you had quicker, easier access to this valuable content. Wishing is for the unprepared!

We know how you can score consistent availability of accurate, up-to-date pricing content for everyone in your business, from in-office staff to technicians in the field. In this article, we take a look at how your ServiceTitan Pricebook dashboard stacks up to demand.

Getting the pricing and visibility right

This is central to how your pricebook dashboard should work. Your pricebook is the repository of all services and materials used to complete your jobs. It’s where all job estimates originate and guesswork goes to die. All the information contained within are necessary to build those estimates, quotes and proposals.

For efficiency’s sake, your staff need this information at their fingertips, so they can see what’s available, what they can offer to customers, what recommendations to make, and how they can upsell. And techs need to be able to add relevant items to proposals quickly, with minimal friction. That’s where a comprehensive, fully loaded dashboard shines. It takes its lead from the content contained within your pricebook.

What you put into pricebook, displays on dashboard

As long as it’s represented in your ServiceTitan Pricebook, the full inventory of your services, materials and equipment should all show up on the dashboard. From there, it should be available to add to estimates, to generate invoices, to facilitate purchasing and replenishment of materials and equipment.

Efficiency in your workflow is determined and impacted by how well your pricebook dashboard does the job of displaying correct pricing information on a consistent basis. It goes without saying that adding new items to your pricebook and updating pricing information must be equally efficient processes. When things get really busy, the last thing anyone wants to grapple with are pricing discrepancies and inaccuracies. Techs need to know they can trust what they see on their pricebook dashboard.

It needs to be scalable to cope with increasing capacity and demand too. At the same time, you want buy-in from all your techs, which means the system can’t be too complicated to figure out and use. You know what they don’t know can hurt your business, and affect their morale as well as customer service levels.

Guide to creating a basic pricebook dashboard

As a standard ServiceTitan user, you can edit or create what they call a modular or custom dashboard. Here’s how to go about it:

  1. Set up admin permissions
  2. Access your dashboard settings by navigating to Settings. Select the Modular tab.
  3. Use an existing modular template to create your own custom dashboard or create it from scratch. You can add custom modules to your dashboard too.
  4. Select your modules and how to arrange them, including reports you use frequently in your business, charts and graphs, and KPIs that highlight the kind of metrics you like to keep an eye on.
  5. A simple dashboard could take anything from an hour or so to build, and a complex one may take several hours. Fiddle, tweak and adjust your dashboard as you go, especially to update pricing information as the data changes.

Are Pricebook Pro dashboards any better?

Assuming it’s correct that upgrading from ServiceTitan’s standard offering to the Pro package should give you an advantage, let's test this notion on the competency of its dashboard feature. Part of the promise of the Pricebook Pro dashboard is that it’s meant to help boost your productivity thanks to a pre-loaded pricebook that’s easy to manage. It supports (in theory) your techs to provide customers with better insights into services and the costs involved.

Locate the ‘New Insight’ section on your screen: click on ‘View’ and it will display a catalog of tables listing Services with a Search function you can use to filter by item code, name and description. There’s a mobile output option that techs can use to show their customers whatever is relevant to the services they want to recommend, including add-ons and upgrade options. There are even explainer PDFs available to help techs communicate greater value.

Click here for an idea of what it could look like.

Your Pricebook Pro dashboard comes with an Auto Proposals feature that techs can use to build proposals, while regular update notifications enable you to keep up-to-date with changes in pricing info. Forking out extra to go Pro does buy you a few more bells and whistles, but to answer the question above: it seems you end up with the same problems as with the standard ServiceTitan package.

The problem with ServiceTitan Pricebook dashboards

While it’s true that you can cut setup time with Pricebook Pro, there remain notable limitations. Like with materials: according to ServiceTitan, the way they’re uploaded, materials are not intended for inventory, replenishment or purchasing purposes. They’re listed only to serve as a general guide for costing estimates. Actual quantities and costs need to be checked for accuracy.

There’s a bigger let-down hidden inside: the costing information displayed before you cannot be taken at face value.

  • The way ServiceTitan Pricebook is designed, you‘ll always have to ascertain you’ve got the correct costing info. Even Pro pricing data starts dating after it’s uploaded.
  • Supplier pricing content that you add to your pricebook is also static. Change notifications will alert you of changes, but that’s all. If your admin guy misses any or there’s a time lag between spotting an update and manually updating your pricebook, that’s an immediate discrepancy right there.
  • The time it takes to check on updates and effect changes impacts efficiency in the field and in the office. When things change during the course of a home service call, for example, and your tech is with a customer, there’s a real risk of accessing inaccurate pricing info. This impacts badly on service delivery.
  • A tech may well build a proposal they’ll have to change later after the information has been manually updated by your admin guy. That’s a painful knock to your productivity and not the most professional look.

All of this calls into question: Do you have full access and full visibility of your most up-to-date pricing information? And if you don’t, what’s the point of a fancy ServiceTitan Pricebook dashboard? You can do better than that.

Getting your ServiceTitan Pricebook dashboard right

What you need is a pre-built dashboard template that’s easy to deploy. One that anyone on your staff can use to check that the information attached to a pricing item they’ve added to an invoice or estimate matches the supplier’s actual prices right now.

You need a dashboard that tells you everything you need to know at a glance. It must be user-friendly and flexible to get your technicians’ buy-in while comprehensively covering the particular needs of your home service business. And at the very least, it must be accurate no matter when or where it is accessed and viewed.

Sounds like a job for Wink Reports - we partner with ServiceTitan to help users optimize their pricebooks ;)

  • Your ServiceTitan Pricebook dashboard is the quintessential time-saver. The ready-made template offers a comprehensive overview of your pricing data as well as expanded reports for deeper detail.
  • You score consistent accuracy for your proposals with live, automated updates.
  • The dashboard is sharable, so your techs can carry the Pricebook along wherever the job takes them.
  • Unlock direct access to attractive, visual Pricebook content that will impress your customers and enhance service delivery.

Sign up to Wink and we’ll hook up with your suppliers the same way you’re integrated with ServiceTitan. Through our software automation, we process all your pricing data to produce a fully dynamic pricebook. Changes are updated in real-time, so you never miss a beat.

Your pricebook dashboard should provide a clear advantage. See your pricing better at all times, and never fiddle with another dashboard again.

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