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Never Make or Maintain Your Own Pricebook Ever Again in ServiceTitan

Clean, comprehensive, up-to-date and accurate - that’s what you need your ServiceTitan Pricebook to be. Are you finding it overwhelming to edit and maintain all your pricing information to keep it that way?

There’s so much to do. It’s a never-ending task that sucks resources. It’s riddled with system and human errors. That doesn’t seem like a fair trade-off.

What if we said you never have to either make or maintain your own pricebook in ServiceTitan again? If you only take one key thought away from this article, let it be this: there is an easier way to get the accurate Pricebook you need to run your business.

What you have to go through for a ServiceTitan Pricebook

Let’s be real: your skillful hands aren't meant for tedious, manual admin like managing a pricebook in ServiceTitan. The way the system is designed though, the setup process demands it. And so does the upkeep.

Then you need to incorporate your supplier prices somehow. You can’t connect to their API unless you fork out extra to get Pricebook Pro. Even then, there’s always manual fiddling required.

Going through the process, you have much to endure:

  • all your editing done in a digital sandbox, separate from the live pricing data to keep one from corrupting the other
  • a whole lot of troubleshooting a frustratingly long list of import errors
  • carefully setting up categories, subcategories, and sub-sub-categories
  • painstakingly entering pricing details like part numbers, costs, service-linked, material-linked and equipment-linked items, discounts, recommendations and upgrade options, each item with a unique code, properly labeled, images, explainer videos and PDFs, and a whole lot more
  • getting rid of all miscellaneous, one-off items added by technicians over time, making a mess of things.
  • occasionally forgetting to save and accidentally deactivating items, then adding them back
  • taking forever to complete setup, stress from the effort making you a bit grayer in the end

And with that, you thought you were finally done. Sadly, no. Because things will change - the cost of fuel or building regulations, tax rates, external conditions like that. That naturally impacts on costs.

Then you need to make adjustments to your own pricing and your suppliers’ too. You could do nothing about it. But that defeats the purpose of a pricebook. It’s got to be updated and that, again, takes time and you must pay someone a salary to do it.

See? Overwhelming. And not a very productive use of resources.

The unsustainable truth

Keeping track with your supplier pricing is critical but tricky. You could ask your suppliers to get on board and connect to your ServiceTitan system. They’d have to do it at a cost and still build their own custom system that talks directly to ServiceTitan.

Currently ServiceTitan integrates with certain suppliers, so you might be lucky and find them already available. Then you can use the Connect feature to access the supplier catalog, view it, upload items from it to your pricebook, and check it for updates. You’d be notified of any changes to their prices, product descriptions and images. But, once again, you’d have to go in there and do your own updates.

So, despite your best efforts, the truth is: 

  1. It takes a lot of time to put this pricebook together.
  2. You’re forced to invest manpower plus the salaries to pay them.
  3. You’ve still got import errors to fix, and human errors too.
  4. There’s a delay in your pricing updates.
  5. Your pricebook lacks accuracy.
  6. Your staff don’t have a reliable selling tool.
  7. You’re potentially under- or over-quoting.
  8. Your customers get the runaround.

That’s not sustainable. Your pricebook is supposed to rally everyone and everything together around one reliable source of truth. Not create more work and uncertainty.

It's just better to automate

It’s possible to set up a ServiceTitan Pricebook once and be done with it! Yes, you only have to do this once - no maintenance required. We’re talking about an accurate, intuitive and automated solution that drops all the drama, overwhelm, guesswork, errors, delays and manual checks.

A ruthlessly accurate pricing solution

It automatically scans the system to flag anomalies and highlight missing information. You can reliably verify quote accuracy in a user-friendly Pricebook dashboard that displays all your pricebook data in one place.

Forget about duplicating old quoting templates. Instead, you'll have clean, up-to-date and fully dynamic pricing data. You retain accuracy and say goodbye to under-quoting on jobs. No more annoying customers with bad service, or frustrating technicians out on calls. And there's no profit lost to guesswork.

As for the poor administrator whose job it was to check every line item on each estimate, job order or invoice: liberation!

A comprehensive, intuitive solution

You know that excessive amount of data your pricebook accumulates over time and from template duplication? When you connect to Wink, it'll process vast quantities of your pricing data, organizing and simplifying it to create a streamlined, but comprehensive ServiceTitan Pricebook.

You’ll be able to focus on individual Pricebook items, conduct targeted examinations and make quick comparisons of key areas, like warranty information, etc. Quoting accuracy and speed will improve, and so will the cost-efficiency of the entire process.

An automated, cost-effective solution

Automation is the one superpower that frees you from ever having to maintain your pricebook manually again. You never need to worry about incorrect pricing because something changed and you weren’t paying attention. You can happily dodge those tedious setup tasks of first exporting, then editing pricing info on a separate spreadsheet.

Data remains static no more! The moment it's uploaded to ServiceTitan, it starts dating and losing accuracy. It’s easy to misquote or delay quoting - not good for business. Your customers might not hang around until you get the correct pricing sorted. By our calculation, the less time you waste, the more money is saved, and made.

Automation means never again paying sad staff members to verify pricing items. No errors will slip through - neither systems nor human errors. Considering the costs of getting your ServiceTitan Pricebook up and running properly, this has to be the more cost-effective option.

Get started on a better way

Connecting with your supplier through their API will make their pricing data immediately available - we can help with that. Wink Reports partners with ServiceTitan, and we’ve brought our data automation expertise on board to help users optimize their Pricebooks. Our software dynamically updates your pricing data in real time and ensures that your ServiceTitan Pricebook is always on point.

Let’s build you a solution that gives you real control of this critical business function. Start by signing up to Wink Reports and we’ll take care of the rest.

  • We facilitate an integration with your supplier and connect your pricebook directly with the supplier pricing data - no need for ServiceTitan Pro!
  • We dynamically keep your pricebook up-to-date and accurate at all times.
  • Your staff can view all your pricing info on a single dashboard, and get on with quoting, invoicing, reporting, planning, and delivering prompt customer service.

Wink offers an accurate, intuitive and cost-effective solution that ensures you never have to make and maintain your ServiceTitan Pricebook again, ever.

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