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New Image Plumbing streamlined daily operations

New Image Plumbing is the authority of new technology and plumbing design, the preferred plumbing service of Bacchus Marsh, Gisborne, and the Macedon Ranges. They bring 37 years of experience to the table, with a commitment to constantly evolve their company going forward.

Operational nightmare

There was a time when the New Image team spent a couple of hours each week poring over outstanding invoices and budgets, and comparing reports. It was a time-consuming, stressful nightmare pulling data from three different programs. It would’ve helped them so much if they could get a quick and easy snapshot of where they were as a business.

A finance package or CRM wouldn’t solve their problem - they needed a single dashboard that could display everything and give them an overview at a glance. They went about searching for a software solution that would integrate with the systems they were already using. They used ServiceM8 as their CRM and Xero as their financial system. Their ideal solution had to be able to pull information from both of those systems.

That was before they discovered the Wink difference.

A smoother process 

The fact that Wink could integrate these programs into their reports was a major selling point for them. They went in, had a free trial to see if it was a good fit for them, and were astounded at how smoothly the integration worked.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an IT genius or someone who can only manage to switch on the computer, anybody can use Wink Reports! It’s so easy.” - Samantha Brown, New Image Plumbing

Office Administrator, Samantha Brown, was also impressed with the dedicated and helpful customer support, praising Wink’s support staff as the best they’ve ever dealt with.

If we ever have a problem not only do they explain the solution, they also give us relevant examples. Instead of trying to figure it out by ourselves, we get the answer and run our reports straight away rather than spending time fiddling with it trying to get it to work myself.” - Samantha Brown

She tells us that the owner of New Image Plumbing is a bit of a technophobe who loves the fact that Wink provides all information into single consolidated, easy-to-read reports and dashboard. The New Image team pulls reports via Excel, adds the data from there to their dashboard, and benchmarks reports to adjust areas of the business as necessary.

Keen on a streamlined solution?

The changes in their operational fortunes probably taught New Image Plumbing exactly how true it is that time is money. Brown is convinced that Wink can help a business save time and money, help you track your budgets and know where your business is at all times,” gushing that it’s been “an absolute godsend” for them.

Anyone can use the platform. You can customize the dashboards to show what you want exactly when you need it. It’s a fantastic piece of software I cannot recommend highly enough.” - Samantha Brown

Wink Reports can seamlessly integrate with your CRM and accounting software too. If you’re keen to get your hands on all the essential information your business needs to thrive in a simple and easy to read dashboard, we invite you to discover the Wink difference.

If you’re keen to streamline your daily operations, take advantage of our 30-day free trial and put Wink Reports to work for your business.

How has data helped you move your business forward? Leave a comment to share your insights with our community.

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