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Three reasons to invest in cloud-based reporting now

The concept of cloud computing is hardly a new thing any more - it’s already everywhere. But your business needs it; so let’s break it down. What exactly is the cloud and cloud reporting, and just how is it meant to accelerate the success of your business?

When computers arrived on the scene, we were told to bin the pen and paper. Now we’re telling you there’s an even better, more efficient way to work in the cloud. Obviously there’s nothing literally floating around in a cloud up in the sky, but it does help to think of it this way: cloud computing hoovers up data and stores it in the air, so to speak (in cyberspace or the Internet) instead of on a computer hard drive. It then provides access to that data through software programs that ordinary folks like us can tap into and manage. While it sits there, in the cloud, it doesn’t need us to be in any fixed place to access any of it - we can be anywhere and use any digital device.

Some popular uses for cloud computing include file storage, data analytics, and reporting. And here’s where it gets interesting from a business point of view.

Three reasons to invest in cloud-based reporting

Essentially it’s about using a truly flexible reporting platform that greatly enhances the availability and accessibility of business data. Here are three game-changing reasons your business must invest in a cloud-based reporting system now:

1. More effective collaboration

With all your important business info stored and managed in the cloud, everyone in your company (that you permit access to) can get eyes on it consistently and easily.

This is next-level access that sets the scene for a high level of collaborative functionality in your business. Nothing goes missing or gets lost in translation due to human error. You enjoy far better control over your business data and share information more efficiently.

And your teams can interact more effectively, wherever they are based - working remotely or in-office - because they’re all working ‘together’ on a shared platform with the same information.

2. Access anywhere, anytime

The cloud never sleeps and it doesn’t mind where you or your team members are - it’s happy to allow access from any device at any time of day or in any time zone.

You’re able to share valuable reports directly and instantly to a team member’s desktop computer, laptop or mobile device without skipping a beat, keeping anyone that needs to know about something important in the loop at all times. You can have them emailed to fit your schedule.

It ensures that staff stay informed, on task and functional throughout the business day no matter their physical location.

3. Report on absolutely anything

Cloud reporting delivers relevant information based on the instructions you give it, interprets the relevant data and produces informative, useful outputs.

If you use a cloud-based system like Wink Reports, for example, it identifies the important information you need for your business reporting by plowing through your entire mass of big data. The superpower that cloud-based computing has is simplifying complex data super fast - nothing is off the table! Then it designs your custom reporting platform to suit your specific business purposes. Just like that, your reports are ready to run and you’re ready to go.

Accelerate your business success

Want to get into the cloud but afraid of the cost? Better you think what it’s costing you to run your business without cloud reporting… So, how do you implement cloud reporting quickly and affordably into your operational processes? Wink is ready, right now, to help you make cloud reporting one of your most valuable business tools. 

If you’re keen to unleash your business potential, take advantage of our 30-day free trial and put Wink Reports to work for your business.

How has data helped you move your business forward? Leave a comment to share your insights with other business owners.

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