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Velox boosted sales with real-time inventory reports

Velox Industrial Parts supplies the materials handling, EWP and construction equipment industry with forklift parts, gas products and accessories. With 30+ years’ experience in the industry, they use their knowledge and quality service offering to uncomplicate the process of sourcing and purchasing parts for their customers.

The company is based in Geebung, Queensland, and we spoke to Vanessa Bruneel, Manager in Marketing Administration, about how Velox uses Wink Reports to stay on top of stock levels and maintain high levels of customer satisfaction.

Before Wink Reports

Velox previously used Excel and Unleashed reports - they found these tools to be very static in application, and inflexible. They weren’t getting real-time updates on all their inventory data. In addition to Unleashed, they also used File Import; so, they really needed a reporting solution that would work well with all their software tools too.

If we didn’t use Wink, we would need another reporting software we can’t go without. - Vanessa Bruneel

How Wink helped 

Wink enabled Velox to closely track their sales performance using their own Monthly Sales per Customer Report. Another firm favorite was merged reports - the ability to create a single, detailed report from multiple data sources. They created a Stock Order Report by blending four different Unleashed data sources.

They were also able to bring in their own data - organized and stored centrally in Wink - to ensure that all areas of the supply chain remained visible. This greatly improved their accuracy with stock reordering.

If a line item on an invoice created in Unleashed wasn’t fulfilled, it would simply drop off. Velox could reproduce that invoice using Wink’s automation functionality to include the unsupplied item quantity. This not only saved time and human resources for Velox, it also ensured that crucial numbers were always visible and accurate.

Why Velox recommends Wink

The accuracy achieved with Wink’s Stock Order report was their biggest win.

The Stock Order report gave us the accuracy we needed to ensure that we always had enough stock, which led to greater customer satisfaction, which, in turn, led to more sales. - Vanessa Bruneel

They achieved positive results with company performance too. By using Wink Reports to track their stock levels, Velox was spared the scramble to replenish stock at increased freight expense. Their gains and savings since using Wink have been impressive:

1. 500% increase in sales

Within their first year of using Wink, their sales over time increased by 500%.

2. Saved 30 minutes daily

Velox saved big on time thanks to their Stock Order report and Wink automations.

3. Freight expense down 20%

They significantly improved their order accuracy, and consequently, reduced freight costs.

4. ROI in one week
Velox earned back their subscription costs within one week of using Wink Reports.

Vanessa was happy to report improvements in customer satisfaction levels along with the growth in sales. With Wink helping them analyze inventory and sales data in real time, their customers got what they needed, in a timely manner.

Made for business owners

When we say that Wink Reports is made for business owners and inventory managers, it's because our team of inventory specialists have reporting tool forecasts scenarios, like potential stock shortfalls and seasonal demand trends. These reports help them develop cost-efficient and effective strategies that keep operations running smoothly, and increase customer satisfaction.

By connecting Unleashed data to Wink Reports, Velox were better able to analyse their sales data and gain the business intelligence they needed to achieve their growth goals.

If you’re ready to unlock the potential in your business data, take advantage of our 30-day free trial and put Wink Reports to work for you.

How has data helped you move your business forward? Leave a comment to share your insights with other business owners.

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